• Janie zinn

Receiving Resistance

Updated: Feb 27

What is the posture of receiving so difficult? I mean really, really difficult. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually… Anyone else out there suffer form Receiving Resistance?

Each morning a spend 15 minuets meditating on God, who he is, what he has done for me, what he IS doing for me, and what he WILL do for me. He want to give, he wants to bless. I need to not only remind myself of this everyday, but I need to have a mindset that receives and accepts this amazing gift! Here is where the difficulty begins. The way I spend this 15 minuets is I lay flat on my back with my arms slightly away from my sides and palms facing up… open & ready to receive. I don’t know about you, but I need to physically put myself in that place along with my mind and emotions. What I have noticed is, when laying down it is difficult, physically difficult for me to lay with my palms facing up for 15 minuets… actually for 3 minutes. It stretches muscles and it kind of hurts. As I thought about this, I started making connections to the rest of my life. Fully believing and accepting that I will receive God’s abundant blessings for me is difficult. How about you?

I am prompted to ask these questions… Why is it easier to resist receiving the good? Why is it easier to sit back and not be active in the abundance God has for me? Why is it so damn difficult to just ask, believe, and receive? I mean, really? This is what I am thinking about this…

It all has to do with the limiting beliefs…the negative voices in our subconscious. The stories we tell ourselves. The stories others have spoken over us our entire lives. Anything from you’re basic, you’re difficult, to no one will ever love you. You’re not enough of this or you’re too much of that. All of these words shape and form what we believe about ourselves and what we believe we deserve. They limit our potential because they limit what we believe we can achieve and what we can receive.

So getting back to me… Why is receiving so difficult? When I really am honest with myself (and now you), I know it comes from the context in the life story I grew up in. It’s not something awful or anything like that. It was more the belief system of do you job and get paid. Do this, get that. Status Quo. There is nothing wrong with that. However, I know there is more. I am learning that changing that story to one of expectation and understanding that God wants to bless me beyond measure is so much more freeing. How do I receive God’s blessing, I need to be actively involved and that’s where it can be painful. It’s changing from passive to active. Let’s take the simple part of laying on my back and putting my hands in a receiving position. I have to engage muscles, stretch them, in order to do this. Laying with palms down is passive and easy, laying with them up is more difficult. BUT, when I lay with my palms facing up, engaging my physical body with receiving, it signals to my heart and my mind that it is time to be open to all that God has for me. It is a reminder that I need to be open to God’s good gifts.

So tomorrow when I lay back and begin to meditate on God’s goodness and open myself to him and all he has for me, when my arms begin to be sore from being stretched, I will remind myself, God wants to grow me & bless me in every way.


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