• Janie zinn

PEACE in the Pandemic Panic

Can you feel it? The panic is palpable. So what do you do? How do you find PEACE in the Pandemic Panic? This is one of those times in life that you have the opportunity to practice managing your mindset. Yes, that’s right - this is a time of opportunity! If you have been told not to come into work, this is an opportunity to pour into yourself, slow down, be present…even if you are working from home. If your children will be learning from home, this is an opportunity for them to slow down as well. This is time to pour into yourself, your relationships, and your future! YES!! When the message we are hearing can make it feel like the future is bleak or uncertain, you can plan and practice for the future you want!! The future you have dreamed of!

How am I finding peace? I am taking account of what I have, relationships, books, time, opportunity to do life a new way. I am choosing not to react to all of the news, but make wise, fact-based decisions for myself and those I love. I am choosing to be available and find the lemonade in the midst of lemons. I understand this sounds easier said than done…but PEACE IS POSSIBLE.

How are you doing? What thoughts and feelings are present for you? I’d love to hear from you!

Peace in the Pandemic Panic is available for you! I am here for you to find PEACE, PLAN, and find PROGRESS!!

Want to know how I have peace? Want to know how YOU can FIND PEACE? Respond to this email ( or schedule a time on my calendar. We’ll chat about moving towards PEACE FOR YOU!


With Loving Peace,



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