• Janie zinn

I Will Thrive Tip #3

Updated: Feb 27


It’s Monday! What is your personal Monday Morning Motivation? Do you have one?? I have a few different practices that help me get up and going in the mornings that I want to share with you.

Meditation. Memory. Music.

Meditation: Meditation has many different connotations that go along with it so let me clarify, when I say meditation, I mean a quiet time I set aside each day to focus on the good, remind myself where my strength comes from, and read words of encouragement. Because of my Christian faith, this includes prayer, reading an excerpt from The Bible, and listening to a faith-based song. No matter what your beliefs, you can create a meditation that works for you. Reading inspirational quotes or stories, listening to upbeat music, and focusing on what you want for your day.

Memory: On mornings when it is tough to get up and going, I take a moment and remind myself of all of the good things that have happened in my life. I find it encouraging to remember how good life really is!

Music: Music has the ability to influence our mood and perspective. In the morning, or at any time of day when I need a positivity boost, I go to my Spotify playlists. These songs make me smile, sing along, and want to dance. Do you have go to songs or playlists like this? If not, I encourage you to create a playlist.

As a gift to you, I am sharing my 2 Morning Time playlists. Feel free to use these lists any time!

Look up and keep thriving ladies!


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