• Janie zinn

Hard Reality & a Declaration

Updated: Feb 27

Ok, so I’ve been MIA for about a month, I’m sorry. Here’s the real, raw, hard truth. I have been frozen, depressed, and all up in my head not enjoying life at all. I was frustrated about where I live ( I have no reason to complain, I live at the beach!), disappointed in friends, feeling like I was watching everyone else thrive. Wow, what stories I was telling myself. Actually more than not enjoying life, I was stuck focusing on what has not been working rather than seeing all of the opportunities and great things in my life. As my coach said (yes I the coach, have a coach), “Girl, pull your tits up and your head out of your ass!” Translated as, get out of my own way and choose to make everything an opportunity.

So here’s my declaration, TODAY, I have chosen to take the advice I give others, and the advice of my coach and choose to look up, look forward, and focus on all that amazing things life has for me. Reality is, life has good for all of us.

Are you in the same spot? Are you feeling stuck? In a funk? I want to encourage you to join me over the next few days as I share what I’m doing to onward and upward. Who else is ready to declare that “I WILL THRIVE IN LIFE”? If you’re ready, or not ready but really want to be, respond to this email with a simple I WILL THRIVE!

Daily Tip 1: Making the decision to get unstuck and change my perspective. It’s a choice right now because it’s not coming naturally. Even if I have to tell myself 60 times a day, I WILL THRIVE.

Let me know your declaration!

Look Up Ladies!



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