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Declaration Follow Through - Thriving Tip #2

Updated: Feb 27

It’s time for a check-in…how are you doing with reminding yourself “I WILL THRIVE”? I have found intentionally changing my mindset has made all the difference in my entire day! How about you? I’d love to hear.

Daily Thriving Tip #2: Move! Move! Move!

Study after study has shown that exercise can have a huge impact on ADHD, anxiety, depression, stress, memory, and sleep. You will feel better when movement is a regular part of your life.

Here is my current exercise schedule.

Monday Morning: Walk 5 miles 75 minutes

Tuesday Morning: Strength training 40 minutes

Wednesday Morning: Walk 3 miles 50 minutes

Thursday Morning: Strength training 40 minutes

Friday Morning: Walk 3 miles 50 minutes

Saturday & Sunday: Rest.

**Full disclosure, I live in Southern California & 1/2 a block from the ocean. There is a great bike/walking path down there, so a morning walk is my favorite thing!

Let me know your plan to move and improve your mood!!

We’re in this together!


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